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Previous events


Land Grant Brewing Company

Land Grant Brewing Company, 424 W Town St, Columbus, OH


Rambling House

Rambling House, 310 E. Hudson St, Columbus, Ohio


McCune Ridge Folk Festival

McCune Ridge Folk Festival, Jackson County, OH


Eclipse Company Store

Eclipse Company Store, 11309 Jackson Drive, The Plains, OH


Weasel Boy Brewing

Weasel Boy Brewing, 126 Muskingum Ave, Zanesville, OH



Fox N Hounds at Combustion Brewery 2 Year Anniversary Party

Combustion Brewing Company, 80 W Church St #101, Pickerington, Ohio


Fox N Hounds @ Plain FOlk

Plain Folk Cafe, 10177 OH-132, Pleasant Plain, OH


Fox N Hounds at Combustion Brewery

Combustion Brewing Company, 80 W Church St #101, Pickerington, Ohio


Fox N Hounds Ramble On

Rambling House, 310 E. Hudson St, Columbus, Ohio


Fox N Hounds at Combustion Brewery

Combustion Brewing Company, 80 W Church St #101, Pickerington, Ohio

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Mailing List

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Fox N Hounds -

Bluegrass Power Trio


Picture a traditional bluegrass ensemble pickin' away in the moonlight. Instead of boys from the mountains of Virginia, picture a band of gypsies from all walks of musical life. Fox N Hounds keeps the laments and ballad’s of Bluegrass music, but also brings a lively addition. It's Bluegrass music of the now. Songs from the hills and from the city-- full of excitement and adventure, love and despair, and even unhealthy appetites. This winter they are headed back to the studio the follow up to there latest release Whiskey Diary. Fox N Hounds has spread its sound across the states to the ears of listeners eager for a new twist to bluegrass music.

The Fox N Hounds are:

STEVEN FOX         lead vocals, upright bass           

Known for his prowess on the upright bass, this classically trained musician sets the bass on fire with his acrobatic bow work.  His powerful bass thumping pushes  the ensemble into progressive sonic boundaries.  Fox also showcases his sideburn-curling singing and songwriting skills. 

ADAM SCHLENKER            lead acoustic guitar

Once spanned the country as a staple of the blues scene, Schlenker has found his way home to the music he grew up with.  To watch Schlenker's fingers while he plays his lightning-fast licks is like watching a river flow over fallen trees.  Amazing.  And it sounds even better.  Adam is a sought after flat-picking instructor who has recently taught at The Nashville Guitar Camp and the Perry Stenback International Acoustic Guitar Camp.

Caleb Powers            banjo, mandolin, vocals

Reared on old-time music of the hills, Powers started picking with his father when he was a pup.  His clawhammer frailing on the banjo and melodious mandolin styling’s add a traditional mountain twang to FNH, while his harmonies brighten the lyrics of the bands original tunes and classic covers.

 What's Being Said About The Band

"Fox N Hounds blend the old time traditions with the progressive new grass times creating an alluring sound that makes folks dance and smile.  They are a knowledgeable, solid and honed, hot pic'n string band that just plain kicks ass!"

Paul Painter- Booking Agent Woodland's Productions


"Fox and Hounds walk that fine line between tradition and innovation. With virtuosic playing, fine song writing and a sense of paying tribute while still creating their own sound, they are sure to entertain even the most discerning of audiences."

Jack Young- Radio Host of WOSU's Bluegrass Ramble